We use specially developed body skin warming and regeneration emulsion. Emulsion is dermatologically tested to avoid allergic reactions. It contains effective substances of Agrimonia eupatoria, Capsaicin and Methyl Salicylate.

Gelové emulze

Developed specially for treatment using the NIODÉ Qantero device. Effective substance – methyl ester of silicic acid (methyl salicylate) C8H8O3 + capsaicin. Methyl salicylate (a substance similar to Acylpyrin) is highly effective against irritation with an anti-flogistic, analgesic, astringent and anti-inflammatory effect. Capsaicin is a plant alkaloid that creates a stinging feeling. It is produced as a secondary metabolite in chilli peppers. The molecular essence of the effects of capsaicinoids and similar substances is in their link to specific capsaicin or also vanilloid receptors, which are the basis of nociceptors that perceive spicy tastes. The positive effects caused by the presence of nitrogen substances from the group of phenylalkylamine alkaloids contribute to supporting blood circulation, speed up the metabolism and stimulate gastric secretion. Capsaicin also helps in the treatment of thrombosis, varicose veins, frostbite, bruises, hematoma, snake bites, Reynaud’s syndrome, food poisoning (it destroys Vibrio vulnificus, Escherichia coli, Shigella, Salmonella bacteria), arrhythmia (capsaicin functions as a natural calcium blocker), Diabetes mellitus – capsaicin reduces the level of blood sugar, arterial sclerosis and helps reduce haemorrhaging. The emulsion was dermatologically tested and is PH neutral. During treatment using the NIODÉ Qantero device, the emulsion accounts for about 18% of the overall result. Allergies to this product are very rare. The warming emulsion is not used on sensitive parts of the body: neck, décolletage, breasts, arms, etc. The vitalisation emulsion is used for these parts.

Niode, Ltd. bears no liability for the risks arising from using unapproved emulsions. The price of the emulsion is CZK 340/litre (final price) + postage and handling in CZ of CZK 140. The minimum purchase is 5 litres.

Effective Substance – Common Agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria)
Contains mainly catechin and elagen tannins, as well as gallotanin, triterpen compounds, such as ursolic acid. The effective substance has a high content of silicic acid, iron, silicinamide nicotine acid, organic acids, ascorbic acid, choline, flavonoids, bitter substances and a small amount of saponins. Common agrimony stimulates the activity of the gall bladder, increases detoxication of the liver, improves fat metabolism and has a positive effect on cholesterol levels. It is also used for skin diseases in the form of compresses, baths and ointments.
Common acrimony may also be used by pregnant and breast-feeding women, it is non-toxic, and there are no known undesirable side effects. It is suitable for long-term, but not permanent use.
The emulsion was dermatologically tested and is PH neutral. Used for sensitive parts of the body: décolletage, neck, breasts, arms. Niodé, s.r.o. bears no liability for the risks arising from using unapproved emulsions.
The price of the emulsion is CZK 340/litre (final price) + postage and handling in CZ of CZK 140. The minimum purchase is 1 litre.

Skin Care Cosmetics

Niodé revitalising cream, intensive eye serum and facial water are premium products developed on the basis of modern findings in the field of medicine and cosmetics. They are highly effective and well tolerated.
All of these products, developed for the Niodé facial applicator, are safe, complement one another, and are synergic. They are not designated for regular retail networks, but only for facilities that use Niodé devices. The manufacturer is not liable for damages caused by incorrect procedure or use of other than the approved cosmetics. Vacu-press use irritates the skin, and cosmetics that use different ingredients may cause an allergic reaction. In this case, use Niodé facial water, which contains D-Panthenol and has a very soothing effect (it can also be used on burnt skin after excessive tanning).

The revitalisation cream contains the highly bioactive substance Lysine Pyroglutamate, which is one of the most important amino acids in the body. It intensively affects the regeneration of cells, physiologically adjusts hydration of the skin, and contributes to the elimination of free radicals. The cream also contains vitamins A, E, F and Allantoin, whose karetolytic features contribute to the regeneration of skin cells and subsequent rejuvenation.

Intensive revitalisation and protective cream 50 ml (jar). Final price incl. VAT – CZK 790.

Intensive eye serum is a concentrate that contains a selected complex of active substances in liposomes (liposomes – see below). The liposome content is a stable form of vitamin C, plant rutinol and LHP. It significantly affects the ability of hyaluronic acid to bind water, stimulates the creation of collagen, and protects the skin against UV radiation. The VTA liposome even surpasses vitamin E in its antioxidant effects. The protective and regenerative effects of the intensive eye serum are supported by delicate lipid components, avocado, carotene and olive oil. Liposomes are microscopic particles that carry nutritious substances deep into the subcutaneous layer; they are the vessels for the effective substances. Through the skin, it is possible to carry effective substances into the body, which are dissolved in fats or fat solvents (e.g. liposomes in cosmetics). These are artificially made closed pouches made up of a lipid double layer and an inner isolated compartment that contains the water solution. The liposomes generally have a diameter of 1-2 micrometres. They may be formed of several concentric membrane pouches. If the liposome is created in a water environment, it contains dissolving elements (salt, proteins, etc.), which are enclosed in the inner environment of the pouch. This is used for the targeted transport of certain medicaments to the cells. Intensive eye serum has a strong rejuvenating effect, and can be used near the eyes.

Intensive eye serum 50 ml (pump). Final price incl. VAT – CZK 850.

contains hyaluronic acid, derivatives of panthenol acid, Aloe Vera and olive oil extracts. It has a strong hydrating and soothing effect and also has a regenerative effect.

Skin water 200 ml (spray). Final price incl. VAT – CZK 620.

Spatula for Mixing Masks     Final price incl. VAT – CZK 20.
Hair Net       Final price incl. VAT – CZK 5.

A mask with Dead Sea minerals
Mask with Dead Sea minerals, Austrian tea tree and lime extracts. It is suitable for oily and porous skin, and also for skin that is prone to acne. It has a favourable effect on slightly cuprous skin and the first signs of rosacea. For difficult and loosened skin, it functions as a source of minerals and trace elements. 
The price for one mask is CZK 75 excl. VAT.

Mask with Aloe Vera
Soothing and intensely hydrating mask suitable for oily and stressed skin. It is used when skin is irritated by vacu-pressure treatment.
The price per mask is CZK 75 excl. VAT.

Hydrating mask with a high dose of vitamin C and natural antioxidants.
  The price per mask is CZK 75 excl. VAT.

Cranberry Peel (thermo)
New-generation peel product that fulfils the strictest new requirements for skin treatment. First, the skin is slightly opened and relaxed through the use of heat (resulting from a chemical reaction); this is followed by the chemical effect of individual keratin flakes (release of the despotic bonds), and finally the mechanical removal of keratin. We can say that this product has three effects.  The price per peel is CZK 65 excl. VAT.

The use of masks (except of course the cranberry peel) is as follows: the mask is diluted with 60 ml of water and applied within 2 minutes.

Postage and Handling: CZK 130

The listed cosmetic products can be ordered by telephone (+420 777 618 602, +420 777 618 603, +420 777 618 600) or e-mail, or can be purchased in person upon a prior telephone appointment. When sending products, we bill a postage and handling fee of CZK 140 (including parcel insurance).