Qantero is a Czech vacu-press device operating on the principle of vacuum shocks, developed and launched in 2012.
It is designed for use not only in the beauty and wellness studios, but also at clinics and health centres as part of physiotherapy equipment. It is used both for the treatment of the body and for facial treatment - as one of the few devices on the European market. Compared to competitive products, it is more effective, more reliable and less expensive.
Niodé devices are in operation not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Switzerland, Ireland, England, USA, the Slovak Republic, and Romania.

Effects device

Vacuum impacts

Vacuum impacts stimulate the fibroblasts, cells that form the basic connective structure in the tissue - collagen and elastic fibres. These fibres ensure the strength and elasticity of the skin and internal ligaments. For women, collagen fibres mainly grow perpendicular to the skin. This is to ensure the adaptability of the skin, e.g. during pregnancy. Among men, collagen fibres mainly grow diagonally, which is why men are less prone to cellulite. The growth of new collagen fibres can be supported in three ways:

a) chemically (not used)
b) with galvanic stimulation (used in cosmetic salons)
c) mechanically (vacu-presses, vibrating platforms, ultrasound, etc.)

After treatment using the NIODE Qantero device, the skin is always smooth, firm and supple, regardless of the client’s

Elimination or reduction of cellulite

Exactly how cellulite forms has yet to be clearly determined. However, it is believed that the fundamental factors involved in the formation of cellulite clusters are:

a) genetic disposition
b) hormonal contraception
c) chemical additives in foodstuffs (i.e. E additives)
d) an unhealthy life style, and more ...

During treatment, the fatty cells (lipids) are mechanically separated from the cellulite clusters. Thus, cellulite is removed or significantly reduced.


During the separation of fat cells from the cellulite clusters, residual products of metabolism (metabolites) are flooded out. These ballast substances are carried through the lymphatic system into the bloodstream and subsequently eliminated from the body. During detoxication, a liquid intake regimen must be maintained.

Local increase of metabolism

Most women are bothered by an uneven figure in the area of the hips, buttock, inner and outer thighs and sometimes abdomen. The first thing women usually reach for are creams, plasters and miracle pills. When they discover that these don’t meet their expectations, they often go on drastic diets and exercise intensively. At this moment, the body has a higher energy output than intake and it is forced to start burning fat. But not in the area the client might wish, but instead in places where it is easiest. For women, this is usually in the upper body. The NIODE Qantero device helps significantly increase the metabolism of problematic parts. This fulfils the basic conditions for slimming down these parts. To achieve a good result, cooperation from the client is required (liquid intake regimen, increased physical activity, slight adjustments to the diet). Metabolism is not a synonym for weight loss, but for substance exchange. The body parts that have a higher metabolism exhibit better transformation of energy into fat and vice versa. In practice, this means that if the client has higher energy output than intake during treatment, the body will primarily draw the energy from the treated parts. However, this also means that if the client has lower energy output than intake during the treatment, the fat cells in the treated areas will grow.

Applicator for Facial Treatment

Treatment – Skin treatment using the facial applicator is designed for clients with healthy skin. The skin on the face is much more sensitive than the parts regularly treated using the Vac III and Qantero devices. It is always necessary to take extra care, especially around the eyes. All of the devices used must be disinfected. Niodé, s.r.o. does not bear any liability in the following cases:

a) incorrect procedure during treatment
b) use of unapproved cosmetics

During treatment of the face using the facial applicator, surprising results can be achieved after just the 4th to 6th treatment. The skin is visibly rejuvenated and glowing, small wrinkles disappear, and moderate size wrinkles are greatly reduced.
Niodé revitalising cream, intensive eye serum and facial water are premium products developed on the basis of modern findings in the field of medicine and cosmetics. They are highly effective and well tolerated.

Treatment using the Niodé Qantero device is contraindicated in these cases:

• Pregnancy
• Use of blood diluting medicaments (e.g. Varfarin, Lavarin, etc.), possibly other medicaments that affect blood clotting
• High or unstable blood pressure
• Use of medicaments that affect the activity of the thyroid gland
• Varicose veins
• Oncological treatment, Angina Pectoris, vascular infections (Trombophlebitis, Phlebotrombosis), lung inflammation
• Heart, kidney, skin and infectious diseases, and other grave illnesses.
• Given the strong detoxication effect, we recommend breastfeeding no sooner than 6 hours after the treatment during the first two treatments.

During facial treatment using the Qantero device, it is necessary to exclude skin that shows bacterial or viral infection, extended vessels or otherwise problematic skin from treatment.

Assuming the device is in operation for only 5 hours per day, and the average price for one treatment is between CZK 500 - 700 (depending on the region), the return on investment is around four to five months. The monthly overhead for operation of the device at 50% load is CZK 1.000 – 1.100 (power and emulsion consumption).

Price list for CZ on demand

The device can be ordered electronically at the e-mail address of the company’s sales department:, or in writing at the address of the shop: Niodé, s.r.o., Maňákova 811, 198 00 Prague 9 – Černý Most. We will confirm your order within 24 hours, and then send you the documents required to purchase the NIODE Qantero or Vac III device for review via electronic mail. After your approval, we will agree on the date for delivery of the device and training.

Payment conditions
Niode, Ltd. prefers two basic models:
• 1. Payment of the entire amount in cash upon handover of the device.
• 2. Payment via credit transfer based on an issued invoice before handover of the device.

We are able to accept installment sale in some cases (without increase) or arrange financing with minimal interest.


It is possible to rent the device in the period from 1 January to 30 September. The rental period is 30 days. The price for renting the device is CZK 10,000 + CZK 3,000 for training. The prices for renting and trading are listed excl. VAT. If a subsequent prchase takes place, the price for rental and training will be deducted from the price of the device. Transport is calculated individually at CZK 6.50/km. Should you be interested in this service, contact the sales department: 
tel.: +420 777 618 600

The cosmetic devise Quantero answers to the European norms CE, as well as to the international norms IEC. At this moment we are working on the certification for the USA market.

Compliance certification is delivered together with each sold device.

Rotary chrome-plated telescopic stand: 5 100,- CZK

Operation hours counter: 4 800,- CZK

Applicator for the facial treatment, training included: 3 000,- CZK

Basic Quantero device is manufactured in metallic blue. You can get it in four other colors for 5 000,- CZK with the delay in delivery of 2 weeks

Sample procedure

If you are interested ,it is possible to arrange a free sample treatment in our beauty salon: , tel.:  777 618 600


Niodé, s.r.o. ensures warranty and post-warranty maintenance in the Czech Republic. Qantero and Vac III devices must be maintained every 6 months (replacement of filters and tuning). In the warranty period, we ensure maintenance for free. After the warranty period, the price per one maintenance inspection for the years 2012 to 2014 is set at CZK 2,200 excl. VAT + transport, which is paid according to tariff bands. We try to plan periodic warranty and post-warranty maintenance so that we visit at least 2 facilities per day. Thus, the price for transport is distributed among several operators. Periodic maintenance ensures the long-term problem-free operation of the main components. If the conditions are fulfilled (periodic post-warranty maintenance and fulfilment of safety and general information), Niode, Ltd. provides a discount of 50% on all spare parts.