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The company Niode, s.r.o. is taking care of the evolution and innovation and that´s why it opened own cosmetic salon focusing on reduction of problematic parts, tightening of skin, detoxification, treatment of décolletage, reduction of cellulite, face lifting, wrinkles reduction and skin unification. We focus also on treatment of pain, coming from the sciatic nerve, pain of lumbar and neck spin as well as leg swelling.

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Course of Treatment

the Qantero treatment devices are painless. Treatment is carried out by a qualified employee in an environment that is clean and hygienic. Before each procedure, the dimensions of the problematic parts, basal metabolism, quantity of fat, water and muscle in the body are measured and recorded in the client’s file. The break between individual procedures should be no less than one day and no more than six days. Take into account that the first three procedures are for “detoxication”. This means that ballast substances stored in the treated parts are eliminated. After the first procedures, you may experience fatigue, headaches, changes in the colour, consistency and odour of urine. In this period, the volume of the treated parts will decrease. After about the fourth treatment, changes will appear on the skin. It will be visibly firmer and more supple and smooth. Treatment using the Qantero device takes 45 minutes, and is followed by lymphatic drainage using. This lymphatic drainage compounds the effects of the treatment. 
If you want this condition to remain or continue to improve, we recommend maintenance treatment once every two to four weeks. The Qantero device is even able to eliminate small varicose veins in some cases. If you are interested in this treatment, please inform the device operator.

Principle of Activity

First of all, it is essential to realise that the pollution of the organism with ballast substance and toxins, cellulite and the difficulty of reducing the volume of certain body parts generally has two common basic causes. Fat cells are increased and form clusters (cellulite), which prevent proper blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. If the loosening of the subcutaneous ligaments, which together with the muscles ensure lymphatic circulation, is added to this problem, it results in cosmetic and medical issues. What is needed to remedy this?
The Qantero device cannot work miracles, but it is able to mechanically separate the fat cells from the clusters, so that their natural metabolism returns to normal, while substantially strengthening the subcutaneous ligaments. Moreover, treatment is supported by the local use of quality cosmetics. Suitable treatment results in detoxication of the organism, very firm, supple and smooth skin, and reduced volume of the treated areas (waist, hips, buttocks, thighs and calves).

The NIODÉ cosmetic salon guarantees these results:

When you buy the detoxication treatment:

When you buy the detoxication treatment:
Removal of toxins and other ballast substances from the body and firming of the skin in the treated areas.

Guarantee Conditions: 

a) Adherence to the liquid intake regimen (measured parameter)
b) klient v této době nepodstupuje hormonální léčbu

When you buy the anti-cellulite treatment:
We guarantee detoxication of the body, substantially higher firmness, smoothness and suppleness of the skin, complete removal or reduction of cellulite.

Guarantee Conditions:

a) Adherence to the liquid intake regimen (measured parameter)
b) The client does not undergo hormonal treatment during this period

When you buy the “body forming” treatment: We guarantee the overall detoxication of the body, firm, supple and smooth skin, and reduced volume of the selected areas.

We provide a 100% guarantee if the following conditions are fulfilled.

a) The “body forming” treatment is applied in the course of a maximum of eight weeks 
b) The client adheres to the liquid intake regimen (measured parameter) 
c) The client does not undergo hormonal treatment during this period  
d) Energy intake (during the treatment) is lower than output (measured parameter)

A properly functioning healthy body has a self-cleansing ability. Age and our lifestyles reduce this ability. It is necessary to realise that each cell in the body is like a small chemical factory, with various substances coming in and going out of it. Like in a normal factory, waste is created during operation. The removal of this waste is ensured by special cells called macrophages, and the lymphatic system carries them to the blood. These waste substances are filtered through the liver, spleen and kidneys, and then eliminated from the body. If any component does not work properly, the entire system is disrupted, with resulting health problems. The organism is more prone to diseases, from the banal to the very serious. Overall stamina is reduced, and one feels tired. This condition is often caused by reduced performance of the lymphatic system. 

The lymphatic system does not have its own sources of circulation, such as blood. Lymphatic fluid is put into circulation by compressing the lymphatic vessels using muscles. When working, the muscles (especially the calves) press on the vessels, which push against the subcutaneous layer. If this layer is loose and weak, the vessel is not fully compressed, and lymph circulation is reduced. 

During the detoxication treatment, we primarily focus on flushing out the ballast substances between the fat cells and strengthening the subcutaneous layer. Five treatments suffice for quality detoxication. Each one is divided into two parts. The first is focussed on separating the fat cells from each other and firming the skin and subcutaneous ligaments. It takes 45 minutes. The second part that follows immediately afterwards is lymphatic drainage. Using gradually inflated sleeves on the legs, the released substances are transported to the blood (through the thoracic duct into the subclavian artery) and are then filtered and released from the body. In about half of the cases, increased fatigue and lassitude and sometimes headaches may be observed. In some cases, the patient may observe changes in the colour, odour and consistency of urine. In every case, these unpleasant effects will disappear no later than after the third procedure. 
What is needed?
In the course of treatment, it is necessary to increase the intake of liquids. The released harmful substances must be eliminated from the body as quickly as possible. Drink as much as you can without it being unpleasant for you. We strongly recommend unsweetened and non-carbonated water. If you feel a flu or cold coming on, call us and forego the detoxication treatment. During treatment, the body is so burdened by the removal and liquidation of stored up toxins that it has few reserves to fight other burdens. 
What do we recommend?
If you smoke, attempt to limit this bad habit. Nicotine contracts the vessels and thus limits blood circulation. Try to walk and exercise, especially the calves. Eat more fruit and vegetables.
Finally! Since the cause is removied , not just the consequences, detoxification lasts a relatively long time - about 6 months. The duration depends on lifestyle. We recommend the detoxification procedure once a month.

The causes of cellulite have not yet been researched in depth. It is assumed that there is a whole range of causes, starting with hormonal imbalances, and ending with unsuitable diets and lifestyle.
  The main causes are hormonal contraception, eating the meat of animals that have been treated with antibiotics or steroids, lack of movement, insufficient liquid intake and other factors. Fat cells gradually grow in size and create clusters. Some elastin and collagen fibres are stretched, some are broken, and the skin acquires the typical orange peel structure. During the treatment, the fat cells are mechanically separated from the clusters, and blood is circulated through the skin and subcutaneous layer. This is aided by quality cosmetics. At the same time, the cells that create new collagen fibres are activated. It is necessary for the body to first be detoxicated before cellulite can be removed (reduced). This means that the first signs of firmer and smoother skin will be apparent only after the fourth or fifth procedure. 

What is needed?
Like in the case of detoxication, a sufficient intake of liquids. 

What do we recommend?
At least one short walk every day, and treatment of the skin with suitable anti-cellulite cream in the evening.

If you do not make a radical change in your lifestyle, we recommend a maintenance procedure at least once every three weeks.

Few people have the ideal measurements and perfectly balanced figure. The shape of our body is largely determined by genetics and lifestyle. The ideal of female beauty is constantly changing and is currently not inclined towards the Slavic type. The storage of fat around the buttocks, hips and thighs is a long-term process. 

The longer this storage lasts, the harder it is and the longer it takes to get rid of it. This means that leaving treatment to the last minute does not pay off. 

Almost every woman that wants to slim down in certain areas first tries various tablets. When she finds that they don’t work, she tries creams. When those don’t work, she starts exercising: usually the parts where she needs to lose weight, but the effect is almost always negative. 

Why is that?
When we start exercising, the energy output increases and the body draws on reserves in the form of fat cells; unfortunately, not those in the problematic parts, but in those areas where it is easiest to access. This means it takes fat from places where fat cells are free and where substance exchange is easiest. This is generally around the arms, breasts and face. Problematic parts are easy to identify, even for a layperson.

The body temperature in these areas is often lower, and blood circulation in the skin is poor. Substance exchange does not work, and the cell is incapable of getting rid of the fat. On the contrary, the muscles that we exercise in these parts grow nicely. The result is sad. We lose weight where we don’t need to, and gain volume where we would like to lose it. In the best case, the dimensions stay the same. Our cosmetic salon specialises in these cases. 

First, we separate the fat cells from each other, so that the natural metabolism can function. We make blood circulate through the tissue, both using mechanical means and quality cosmetics. During this period, it is important for the body to have a lower caloric intake than output. Only under this condition can the body start drawing energy in the form of fat from the released fat cells, primarily from the treated parts. The result is real body shaping. 

What to be careful about!
The cells where correct substance exchange takes place are capable of reducing their volume, if required by the body’s energy, but they are also able to store fat easily and increase in size. That is why it is important for energy intake to be lower than output during treatment. 

What we recommend:
It is impossible to live long-term with drastic weight-loss diets. Forget about them. Forget about diets according to blood groups, protein diets and all the rest too. You suffer unnecessarily, and the results of such diets only last for a while. It is better to change dietary habits slowly, gradually. We will give you some advice to start – see the Interesting Information section.

Enjoy a tasty and nutritious breakfast.

Try to eat slowly and in small amounts.

Always go shopping with a full stomach!

About one hour before lunch, drink Psyllium, and then have a drink about ten minutes before lunch. Do the same before dinner, which should be no later than at 18:00. Psyllium is pure fibre, which will not only cleanse your digestive tract (it has a strong preventive effect against intestinal cancer), but it gels in the stomach and bloats, thus reducing the feeling of hunger. The actual calorific value of this product is negligible.

There are surprising results by treatment face with face applicator, in 4-6 treatments. Skin in younger and shining, little wrinkles dissapear, middle wrinkles are strongly reduced. Revitalization cream, intensive eye serum and face lotion Niode are top products, developed on basics of modern knowing in field of medicine and cosmetics. There are special for high effectivity and good tolerance. All these preparations, made for face applicator Niode are safe, complete each other and they are synergy.


A lack of activity or an occupation in which you are obliged to stand all day often causes disorders in the circulation of lymphatic fluid. In the morning the legs are fine, but in the course of the day their condition worsens. Towards evening, the legs are heavy and swollen. Lymphatic drainage offers instant relief and the legs are emptied of excess liquid with the help of gradually inflated sleeves. However, it is necessary to realise that this method only relieves the symptom, not the cause. This means that even if you feel relief after the treatment, the problem with lymphatic circulation remains. We recommend that you undergo a detoxication treatment. During this treatment, emphasis is placed on strengthening the subcutaneous ligaments, which ensure the circulation of lymphatic fluid together with the muscles.